How to Choose the Right Cybersecurity Company

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Cybersecurity is a hot topic for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) these days. Businesses of all sizes are bombarded with attacks every year, and many have no idea how to repel them. When corporate IT departments fail to control cyber attacks, many SMBs turn to cybersecurity companies to manage their need for peace of mind and establish a defensive network around their most valuable data.

New York cyber security company Triada Networks is one firm that will ensure you are free from such attacks.  SMEs are among the priority targets of cybercriminals because they generally do not have the same budget as large companies to effectively fight against cybercrime. Their options boil down to playing with fire by having weak security, crossing their fingers, or improving their cybersecurity budget and hoping to stumble upon a good product.

You should lookcyber attacks for the right cybersecurity company to ensure your business is protected from such attacks. Before signing up for any cybersecurity offer, here are three questions to ask to see if the company you’re dealing with is up to date with their business or just trying to make some quick buck.

What Relationship Does Your Company Have With Those on the Wrong Side of the Law?

Does the cybersecurity company work with all kinds of clients or only by selection? You want to make sure that the company you employ hasn’t flirted with the red line in an attempt to make more money. While cybersecurity providers aren’t likely to give you their customer lists, you can still investigate them through other channels to see what other customers have thought about them and if they’ve been reported for any wrongdoing.

How Does Your Cybersecurity Company Deal With Zero-Day Attacks?

A zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability known to the software vendor but for which it does not have a patch. This makes such type of errors too exploitable by cyber criminals. If their system allows the execution of unknown files that have not already been listed as malware in their database, then they run the risk of zero-day. It’s a reminder that cybersecurity isn’t just about relying on other companies and waiting to see what happens.

What Is Your Solution for the Shutdown Problem?

If the safetyonline security officer doesn’t know what the shutdown problem is, go your way. This is a second test to see how this company is managed: only with technologies that evaluate other technologies? Or with human eyes on everything that’s going on, one step ahead of heuristics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The shutdown problem can cause a weakness in security systems that is unsolvable if one relies solely on technology.