Freedom to Rock Tour – Rock and Roll’s Best

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The KISS ‘Freedom to Rock tour’ will always remain as one of the greatest things that everybody had to witness. The roaring sound from the audience whenever the black curtain with a massive Kiss insignia was dropped was always epic. Thousands of people turned up, and it was always a night to remember.

America’s number one award-winning Gold record group, KISS, includes Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Paul, Stanley, and Tommy Thayer. Together they brought the most fantastic music tour to the world, the freedom to rock tour.

Ticket Prices

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Although the ticket prices ranged between $144.95 and $236.70, it was always sold out. The tour was always sold out because everyone wanted a piece of KISS. Their music is, undoubtedly, among the best worldwide. Seeing KISS perform live on stage is an opportunity of a lifetime, and am not talking about the platform boots. There were lots of fireworks to punctuate and denote the end of different songs, making the entire experience magical.

Why People Loved Simmons Songs

What most people feel in love with was the bass solo performed by Simmons. Watching Simmons gargling fake blood with his tongue hooked towards the crowd was magnificent. Let’s not forget Singer’s drum riser that made every crowd go crazy.

When you a rock and roll fan, then you know the thrill that comes with good music and stunning live performance. The music comes to life, and you can feel the energy flowing through the entire crowd.

The Freedom to rock tour visited an incredible 25 cities that the band hadn’t featured in for more than ten years. It was a tour that brought music lovers together and never disappointed in any of the cities.

The “God of Thunder” song used to make crowds go wild due to the mid-tempo pace and heavy metal sound. It was a colossal stunner that brought out the band’s theatrical side. ‘God Gave Rock and Roll II You’ was a five and a half minute hit song that has always been a huge classic. It was a huge rock and roll hit that made it to the top of the leader board in different countries.

‘Beth’ always had the crowd captivated and engaged the entire time. It is a song that shows off the band’s soft side and features a superb tune. Many fans can relate to this classic that since it brings out different emotions.

Freedom to rock tour was the best thing that came to rock and roll according to several fans. You had to be there to feel the magic.