6×9 Marine Speakers Buying Guide

boat on water

Are you planning to enjoy some music while taking a dip in the water? In this case, what you need is a boat speaker. Unfortunately, car speakers cannot be of help. Considering the nature of the environment, only speakers designed to handle weather elements and water are ideal. The truth is that listening to a playlist is now easy. However, this is not the same when it comes to choosing the right 6×9 marine speakers. That is because these marine speakers are available in different sizes and types. The following are some of the things to help you consider purchasing a marine speaker.

Water Resistance

This is the most important feature to consider when buying a marine speaker. Although it is absent in normal speakers, it has waterproof capabilities. In any case, regular speakers are great for indoor use. A given type of gel can be used to handle the moisture and water. The following are some of the characteristics of the marine speakers:

  • Resistant to water damage
  • Some models can be played even underwater
  • The speakers are made of less corrosive materials as compared to their regular counterparts.

Power Handling

Like other speakers, you need to check their handling capacity. The rule of thumb is that marine speakers you choose ought to provide adequate peak power. This is necessary to avoid pushing it to the limit. The marine boat amplifier ought to have twice as much power as the speakers’ power rating. A speaker with less power is likely to cause more damage – particularly when you crank up the volume.


The size of a speaker determines the ease of installation. You should note that larger speakers have great responses. Before you pick the appropriate size, ensure it can fit where you are planning to install it. Otherwise, you can enlarge the mounting area.

Impedance Rating

This is the resistance the speaker gives to the voltage and current applied to it. In fact, the speaker impedance changes depending on the frequency of the signal that is being fed. When you consider the conditions speakers are subjected to, the speaker you choose ought to have a high impedance rating to ensure you enjoy clear sound.

Speaker Sensitivity

In this case, the sensitivity of the speaker is quite important. The higher the sensitivity rating of a speaker, the longer and louder it will play with a given wattage level. Therefore, you should go for a higher rating.